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We manufacture the right solution for you!

Extending our off-the-shelf product lines we can also customize to fit your purpose. Your desired product will be manufactured exactly according to your requirements.

Qualified specialists support you beyond the production of the pure keyboard: from the development of the appropriate connection electronics to customer-specific programming.

Product Family PCF 1612

Process Control Keyboard

We have introduced the 1612 product family in 2017 to improve upon the 0512 family. The new product line interconnects with all industrial interfaces such as Profinet, Profibus and Ethercat. The design allows seven illumination states per button.

Product Familiy PCF 0512

Process Control Keyboard

We have been producing the 0512 product family since 2007. Since then these devices have been in continuous use in international large and small industrial facilities in continuous operation for more than a decade.

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